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TurkuART.fi presents art museums and artist-run galleries in Turku. On the website you will find locations, opening hours, information on possible entry fees as well as current and upcoming exhibitions. The TurkuART.fi -website is maintained by Turku Artists’ Association.

Kartta Turun museoista ja gallerioista

Turun taidemuseo Turku Art Museum

Wäinö Aaltosen museo Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art

Vanhan Suurtorin galleriat The Old Great Square Art Galleries

Turun Taidelainaamo Turku Artoteque

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova

Galleria Joella Gallery Joella

Titanik Titanik-gallery

Valokuvakeskus Peri Photographic Centre Peri

Galleria Å Galleria Å

Köysiratagalleria Köysiratagalleria

Galleria Jänis Gallery Jänis

B-Galleria B-Galleria

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Turun taidemuseo
Photo: Vesa Aaltonen

Turku Art Museum

Aurakatu 26
20100 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)2 262 7100


Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 11–19
Sat-Sun 11–17

9/6 €
free admission for visitors under 16 years

The National Romantic granite building of the Turku Art Museum is a monument in itself. The museum was designed by Professor Gustaf Nyström and, when it was completed in 1904, it was the second building in Finland to have been designed specifically as a museum. From the very beginning the museum has mounted exhibitions by leading Finnish artists, without forgetting international art, Nordic art in particular. The Turku Art Museum has always focused on the acquisition of contemporary art for its collection, which comprises at the moment about 6500 works of art.

Now + Upcoming:

25.11.2016– Collection: Desires Granted or Denied

26.1.–13.5.2018 Rut Bryk: The Magic Box
1.6.–26.8.2018 Dick Bengtsson
14.9.2018–20.1.2019 Ali Munsterhjelm - Axel Haartman - Santeri Salokivi


23.3.–13.5.2018 Heini Aho: Cure of All
1.6.–26.8.2018 Sasha Huber
14.9.–18.11.2018 Jaakko Niemelä


23.3.–13.5.2018 AUJIK: Trajectory
1.6.–26.8.2018 Vajiko Chachkiani: Winter which was not there
14.9.–18.11.2018 Mikhail Karikis: Ain't got no fear



The Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art

Itäinen Rantakatu 38
20810 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)2 262 0850


Opening hours:
Tue–Sun 10–18

8 € / 4 € / 2 € / 0,5 €
free admission for visitors under 4 years

The Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art (WAM) is the Turku City Art Museum named after the famous sculptor Wäinö Aaltonen (1894–1966) from Turku. This middle-aged museum isn’t content to just rest on its laurels, but is presenting new and experimental art projects. The event programme includes various cultural events, lectures, concerts and theme days for families. The museum is also home to the Wäinön valinta museum shop and pleasant Café Wäinö.

Now + Upcoming:

9.2.–20.5.2018 Hannu Väisänen – The Four Rooms of Anna Akhmatova
8.6.–16.9.2018 Simo Helenius
8.6.–16.9.2018 Hertta Kiiski and Jenna Sutela


vanha suurtori

The Old Great Square Art Galleries

Vanha Suurtori 3–5
20700 Turku

Google Maps

Brinkkala Gallery: +358 (0)40 661 4778

Gallery Grey & The Old Town Hall Gallery: +358 (0)40 660 3463


Opening hours:
Tue–Sun 10–18

Free entrance

The Museum Centre of Turku manages three art galleries and the Artoteque in the historical surroundings of The Old Great Square.

Now + Upcoming:

Gallery Grey:

Gallery Grey is closed until further notice.

The Old Town Hall Gallery:

13.4.–20.5.2018 Sallamari Rantala & Laura Soisalon-Soininen
25.5.–8.7.2018 Eeva-Maija Pulkkinen
13.7.–19.8.2018 Lotta Hänninen

Brinkkala Gallery:

13.7.–19.8.2018 Hami Bahadori & Jo Kjaergaard


turun taidelainaamo

Turku Artoteque

Vanha Suurtori 5
20500 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)40 139 9683


Opening hours:
Tue-Sun 10-18

Free entrance

Turku Artoteque is an art lending service run by four Artists’ Associations in Turku and the City of Turku. The art lending service offers artworks for both rent and purchase. The collection features over 700 works by more than 100 artists. The collection includes drawings, graphic prints, paintings, sculptures, photography and mixed technique. The minimum rental term is one month, but it is also possible to purchase works directly. The price includes possible frame and VAT.

Now + Upcoming:

Artist of the month:

April: Anu Halmesmaa
May: Kristiina Turtonen
June: Sanna Vainionpää


aboa vetus & ars nova

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova

Itäinen Rantakatu 4–6
20700 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)207 181 640


Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 11–19 /

9 / 7 / 5,5 €

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, the museum of history and contemporary art, is a unique cultural attraction in Turku. The museum, opened in 1995, is maintained by the Matti Koivurinta Foundation. Aboa Vetus is an underground area of ruins, where the genuine constructions tell the history of the oldest city in Finland. The exhibition halls of Ars Nova are located in the Rettig palace which was completed in 1928. Contemporary art as well as the art collection of the foundation are presented here. The two galleries, Takkahuone and Omatila, located within the museum have their own exhibition programmes.

Now + Upcoming:

Aboa Vetus: Permanent exhibition

Ars Nova:

27.4.–2.9.2018 Maria Prymatšenko
27.4.−30.9.2018 The Museum Collection Exhibition
14.9.−2.12.2018 Young Artist of the Year 2018: J. A. Juvani
19.10.2018−17.3.2019 90 Years of the Rettig Palace

Takkahuone Gallery:

27.4.–5.8.2018 Gil & Moti
10.8.−30.9.2018 Samu Raatikainen

Omatila Gallery:

26.4.−27.5.2018 Exhibition of the museum’s afternoon club
8.6.−2.9.2018 Colourful embroidery workshop
14.9.−28.10.2018 Animals of my Life


galleria joella

Gallery Joella

Läntinen Rantakatu 21
20100 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)2 232 9996


Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 12–18
Sat-Sun 12-16

Free entrance

The Turku Printmakers Association has run Gallery Joella since 1986 in the same space by the riverside. The gallery holds about 14 exhibitions a year from various fields of visual arts, and its sales collection presents framed and unframed graphic prints from Turku as well as from guest artists.

Now + Upcoming:

4.–29.4.2018 Aleksanteri Järvenpää
3.–27.5.2018 Marita Mikkonen
30.5.–17.6.2018 The Ratamo Printmaking and Photography Centre




Itäinen Rantakatu 8
20700 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)45 899 8772


Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 12-18
Sat-Sun 12-16

Free entrance

Titanik, the biggest contemporary art gallery in Turku, is located by the shore of Aura river. Titanik was founded in 1988 by Artists’ Association Arte. Since its establishment, Titanik Gallery has become widely known as an important showroom for new, unestablished Finnish contemporary art. Arte runs, not only Titanik Gallery, but also Titanik sound art residency programme, which provides residency opportunities for international artists for 1-3 months. Titanik hosts a lot of special events, such as gigs, performances and the annual Super Public Art School Summer event, which are open to the public and always free of charge.

Now + Upcoming:

31.3.–22.4.2018 Tuomo Tuovinen
27.4.–20.5.2018 Andrey Bogush & Kristina Sedlerova
25.5.–17.6.2018 Henrik Heinonen


valokuvakeskus peri

Photographic Centre Peri

Itäinen Rantakatu 38
20810 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)2 262 0850


Opening hours:
ti-su / ti-sö / Tue-Sun 10-18

Free entrance

Photographic Centre Peri is a meeting place for domestic and international photography and is open for all. The Peri gallery focuses mainly on Finnish photographic and video art, showing an average of 11 different exhibitions each year. The gallery is free of charge. In addition to exhibitions, the centre arranges seminars, workshops and other public lectures and artist talks as well as maintains it’s own photo library. Comprehensive information and publications, a professional AiR program and different cooperative projects around the art of photography are also part of Peri’s work.

Now + Upcoming:

6.–29.4.2018 Saku Soukka
4.5.–3.6.2018 Debut exhibition 2018: Julius Töyrylä
4.5.–3.6.2018 Heli Konttinen


galleria å

Galleria Å

Kaskenkatu 1
20700 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)45 132 4743


Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 12-18
Sat-Sun 12-16

Free entrance

Galleria Å is a contemporary art gallery run by the Turku Artists’ Association. The gallery is located in Kaskenmäki in the centre of Turku. Exhibitions change on a monthly basis and showcase different forms of contemporary art, ranging from paintings to photography and video installations. The gallery also organises additional programme such as meetings with different artists.

Now + Upcoming:

6.–29.4.2018 Maija Holma & Tuomas Hallivuo
4.–27.5.2018 Sirkku Rosi
1.–22.6.2018 Mari Oikarinen




Linnankatu 56
20100 Turku

Google Maps

Köysiratagalleria (Facebook)

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 12-17

Free entrance

Köysiratagalleria is a showroom for the fine arts program at the Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences. The gallery showcases mainly artwork by photography and fine arts students, and presents pedagogic art projects. Köysiratagalleria welcomes you to see the work of a new generation of artists!

Now + Upcoming:

11.–21.4.2018 Mikko Halmesmaa (opening hours: Mon-Sat 12–17)
27.4.–4.5.2018 Mooses!, minivideomapping, students of minivideomapping workshop (opening hours: Mon-Sun 12–17)
9.–19.5.2018 Blossolalia, Art Collective Rubuzak (opening hours: Tue-Sat 11–18)


galleria jänis

Galleria Jänis

Jarrumiehenkatu /
Bromsaregatan 3
20100 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)50 308 2803

Galleria Jänis (Facebook)

Opening hours:

Free entrance

Galleria Jänis is a non-profit window gallery run by three artists. Exhibitions open up to the public realm thus becoming a part of everyday life and easily accessible to all. Galleria Jänis exhibits a broad range of artforms and wants to show the versatility of art.

Now + Upcoming:

25.3.–20.4.2018 Penka Mincheva & Mathias Roth
22.4.–18.5.2018 Anna Katriina Puikko
20.5.–15.6.2018 Tanja Tähtinen


b galleria


Aninkaistenkatu 5
20100 Turku

Google Maps

+358 (0)44 284 3581


Opening hours:
Tue-Fri 12-18
Sat-Sun 12-16

Free entrance

B-GALLERIA is a non-profit contemporary art gallery founded in 2005 in Turku, Finland. The main purpose of B is to provide an inexpensive and easy-approach gallery space for young emerging artists. The gallery also hosts gigs, workshops and other happenings. In the back room of the gallery is a tiny shop called B-butik, which carries a small, varying selection of art publications. B-galleria also provides a free project space in the back room of the gallery. The space has an ongoing open call for projects lasting from one day up to three weeks.

Now + Upcoming:

18.–29.4.2018 Marja Ahti
2.–13.5.2018 Tuija Ihanta
16.–27.5.2018 haus de pnojekt

Project Space

18.–29.4.2018 Ilmari Wärri

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